Chair Dancing

Chair-ercise line dancing for seniors followed with a cuppa and a catch-up.

Just wear comfortable loose clothing, no shoes necessary!

Tuesday mornings 11:00-11:45 at £1.50 per session.

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The benefits of chair dancing

Chair Dancing is safe for most individuals with mobility impairments, poor balance, or extra weight that may experience pain or a fall in a standing class.

Participants learn that seated dance is a fun, coordinated modification of Chair Aerobics. They listen to upbeat music while moving their arms one direction and legs in another.

Benefits include an increase in cardiovascular endurance, similar to that achieved in standing classes, as well as improved memory, balance and social well-being. While the physical benefits of dance are innumerable, dancing can also have a positive impact on mental health. physical movements of dance have been shown to reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Much like aerobic exercise, dance provides relief from stress and tension. Improving mental health and developing cognitive abilities through dance is possible for people of all ages . Anyone can experience the mental health benefits of participating in dance lessons.

Ginny Snedden
SWAD Instructor (retired)

Scottish Western Academy of Dance